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Lies, deceit, theft, a total lack of morality!

I was going to rent through Chew Valley Estates, but was led astray bit by bit, didn't receive appropriate paperwork, paid £2,200 in deposit, kept being given a new move-in date to the place in Bishopsworth and all my belongings had to go into storage (expensive!), and finally, when the move-in date was fixed, I went to the house to pick up the key. I was upset by some failings, mentioned them to Samantha (Nicholas Roland-Fry's partner), and she said: "If you're not happy with the place, I will not hand over the key." She turned away, got into her car, and drove off, leaving me HOMELESS. For the next 5 months I had to stay with friends and keep looking for a new (and appropriate) place to rent. I still haven't gotten my deposit money back going on a year later, so will be making my final 'claim' in Bristol Court near the end of August. One of the worst experiences of my life! I'm linking up with another 'victim', and together we will do what we can to get this Chew Valley Estates case dealt with appropriately.
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There are loads of us that have been scammed by Chew Valley Estates . Excellent to see you're on the case and taking them to Court.

They need to be heavily prosecuted and thrown in prison for their disgusting behaviours and once and for all their business closed down. It also needs to go in the Chew Valley Gazette to let others know the outcome. Thanks very much for your helping us victims. Here is also some other links to other victims of Chew Valley Estates: 1. 2. 3.


Good luck with the court case at the end of this month. Please keep us victims informed of the outcome.

Looks like karma is finally catching up with Chew Valley estate agents!!****/officers


Yes, it definitely looks like the strong arm of the law has caught up with these two. thanks for the heads up on the link to Companies House website.

very interesting that they have gone under a new business name as Newport and Fry LTD back in may of 2019 this year. Would that mean they are not currently operating under the business name of Chew Valley Estates? and does that also mean yet "AGAIN" they have gone into insolvency?

please keep us informed with any progress regarding court cases and hope this company is finally brought to justice. It would be a very good idea that all of us victims share this website to give everyone a heads up on any future results regarding any court proceedings.


Hi there. It appears now I am also going through a fraudelent process with Nick and Sam at Chewvalley estate agents with them failing to return my tenants deposit that was suppose to have been securely placed in the government TDS scheme.

Can someone with same experience (Appreciate this post is quite old now) tell me how you proceeded with legal action against them? Many Thanks Lee Ashlin

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Bristol, England

Chew Valley Estates - Shop to let- Winford High Street January 2020!

Chew Valley Estates shop *To Let* being advertised!! About " 7 " Property online magazines ALL warning everyone of the Chew Valley Estate Agents. The Property Ombudsman has now got it officially up on their website that they have expelled them and " WARNING " everyone. Chew Valley Estate Agents were in the " national " paper ( The Mirror ) back in late 2019 and also Bristol Live paper and Somerset Live paper over Victims having their house smashed up.**** How about their closure of business going in the Chew Valley Gazette, that would be appropriate to let all their victims know that they are no longer trading under the name of Chew Valley Estates. Whats next for Chew Valley Estates......??
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You might like to check out the latest on Companies House website BRISTOL AIRPORT A38 MEET AND GREET LTD ;) Nick loves to meet and greet...!! ;) (****/officers )

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Manchester, England

NEWPORT & FRY LTD is Chew Valley Estates

To all customers looking for Chew Valley Estates winford. The Company has changed it's name to NEWPORT & FRY LTD in 92 Nore Road, Portishead, Bristol, this is Samantha Newport and Nick ROWLAND-FRY who Lie, theft, and been to Court for fraud. so AVOID, AVOID, AVOID this estates agents if want to keep your money!
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They have been expelled from the Property Ombudsman and NOT registered with a redress scheme either. Trading Standards are now fully aware big time of their disgusting fraud and bullying tactics.

But YES where are they now........??? BE *WARNED* AS THEY HAVE THEIR THUMBS IN MANY PIES!!!! _ _ _ _ _ Chew Valley Estates is not currently registered with a redress scheme, which is a requirement of every sales and letting agent in order to trade legally*. Trading Standards have been informed of the expulsion.

They also do not appear to be a member of a Client Money Protection scheme**, also a legal requirement, and do not have any professional memberships.

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Balham, England

Check out Company House. they appear to have a backup plan if their current company goes under****?fbclid=IwAR3LKq9qtt3KxAPwaMh23-c8fCDrNkZi2m1rtSzsA3CUW_vKgY_hz1og7XA
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A law unto themselves

We tried to get help from Shelter to get our deposit put into a scheme but CVE were rude to them and refused to talk with them, we eventually got our deposit back minus something we still thought unfair but just wanted to end any dealings with Nick. Afterwards we went to the Property Ombudsman and detailed a complaint with evidence. They found in our favour, awarded us compensation and of course, we have not been paid this. We will look into court action but it looks as though that may also end up being a waste of time and energy. However, we are well up for putting a stop to their illegal workings so no one else is affected so please let me know if we can do anything to help. We are also reporting to Trading Standards.
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We have had issues as well.

@Maribella Les

That`s sad to hear, what issues have you had as well?

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Telford, England

Bad house purchase experience

We were due to buy a house sold through this estate agents and it was a really bad experience. We were told things from the start which turned out not to be true and were misled for months with poor and numerous excuses and also some concerning suggestions about transferring money through the agency instead of informing the solicitors... From reading all the other comments I’m so glad we ended up buying another property with a different agency! I don’t like leaving negative reviews but want other buyers who may seek out reviews to not be aware.
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The company needs to be reported to Watchdog UK ( ) Also Chew Valley Estate agents need to be reported to Trading Standards "again" to have their "businesses" cease trading for good and both Nick Roland Fry and Samantha Newport put behind bars for a couple of years (heavily prosecuted) AND all the money they owe to their victims paid back in full ............

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Back in court again - How many more times?

A big massive well done to the lady who won her rent deposit back of £1,500 and £720 admin fees ( which sounds like the lady didn't get it all back !!!?? ) this week at Bristol county court. A few of us local Chew Valley Estate agent victims saw it in The Western Daily Press paper yesterday Saturday 31st of August. It`s quite disgusting once again reading that article that the property she was going to rent was in some kind of state and also reading that the contract was never signed!? It really sounds like once again that Samantha Newport the estate agent is up to her ongoing blatant lies and deceit games. How many more times do Chew Valley estate agents have to go to court before they are shut down trading for good?? Surely these judges in the Bristol courts must be "VERY" familiar with Nick Roland Fry and Samantha Newport of Chew Valley estates?? ( and why are they still trading under their name when they've changed their business name to " NEWPORT AND FRY " ?????? ......... ) To be honest they should have been fined and properly prosecuted for their actions putting this poor ladies life through *** making her homeless for 5 months is just utterly disgusting. Chew Valley estate agents really do need some severe punishment for their absolute disgusting antics they've been getting up to over the years and making peoples life`s a misery!!
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Offering Theft as a service to the public

I`m absolutely horrified and just perplexed to how Chew Valley Estate agents have got away with their criminal wrongdoings for so long? Reading through these reviews and complaints and the other links to other review websites on this company is just absolutely disgustingly atrocious. Researching/investigating through these links its very obvious by the dates that this company has been fraudulent for many MANY years!? also they`ve been convicted of fraud already, so I`d like to know how are they getting away with it? WHO in authority is letting this company get away with scamming people? A brilliant idea would be for ALL victims of Chew Valley estates to get together and deal with it ourselves also. This must be exposed into the public arena so that these criminals can be put in the spotlight for all to see and be warned about because quite frankly enough is enough. Is there any Facebook rogue estate agent groups anywhere? That would be a great place for us all to come together Has anyone else here (victims) reported Chew Valley Estates to local authorities and had their crimes documented ie… -Trading Standards -Shelter -Environmental Health and Safety and if so what year, please? and what have they done to help?
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